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The Boost

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The Boost


As your personal “big sis,” I will help you get clarity around your next step so you can start feeling like a badass in your relationships, diet/nutrition, creativity, and life: the moment this session ends!

60 minutes via Skype/Phone

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Take your music, art, creativity, singing, relationship, diet/nutrition, and/or life to the next level in this discussion with me. Ask me anything, and I may do the same: let’s dive into what’s holding you back from being as confident, courageous, and creative as you know you can be!

My experience working in television, the music industry, and independently as a successful touring musician (all the while keeping my art, dating, diet, + personal family life close to my heart!) has taught me so much about the importance of being true to yourself and your own story. As your personal “big sis,” I want to help you get clarity around what your next right step is, so you can get started on the path to being the most badass version of yourself: right after this call!