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The Sunset Era of Summer


The art, calligraphy, inspirations, and ponderings of Riana Nelson.

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The Sunset Era of Summer

Riana Nelson

NOW ENTERING: the Sunset Era of Summer with a heady dose of Golden Hour Nostalgia on the horizon.

I feel like I haven’t posted many super personal posts lately, but my friend Kathryn has been asking for the “Riana Nelson DeepPosts”— so here ya go, with some real introspective talk.

This summer’s been a bit of an odd one for me. A ton of highs + lows. The frequency of peaks + valleys has created a strange sense of emotional vertigo, and I find myself clinging to (and craving) more long + open summer days to steady myself and process everything bursting in my heart.

It’s like, idk, warily eyeing the impending wistfulness of another summer gone by (perhaps while seasick?) AND deeply feeling into the awareness that time is passing more quickly than ever before.

Layer in some unknowns to the mix: I still don’t know our country/s + timeline assignment with American Music Abroad (which we're super honored to be reselected for this year), where I’ll be living a year from now, how being single will play out when I’m traveling for work a lot (while hoping to meet an amazing man), financial goals as a creative entrepreneur running a family business, etc— and I’m practicing being grounded + chill about all of it. I think I’m handling things well, in part because of my strengthened faith in the way the Universe works and delivers things (more + more I see it's all in divine timing) and I practice seeing the lessons and opportunities in setbacks vs. negatives. I also keep a daily gratitude journaling practice and it’s been extremely life changing. I'm proud of where I am.

In this whirlwind of unknowns, I feel super lucky + very grateful for all my successes, my health, my family, my career, my amazing brothers (with whom I’m going to Turkmenistan in December to do some life + world altering work with the U.S. Embassy in Ashgabat)—but I do also understand social media is a place where the endless highlight reels can be intimidating or anxiety inducing.

All of this is to say: in case you’re coming down with the SundayScaries [End-Of-August Edition], I am right beside you in many ways. I’ll be your sunset walking buddy! I know the wonkiness, the unsettled-ness, and the types of “question marks” that come with things like career transitions, drastic consequences, financial bottom, financial top, break-ups, new beginnings, blind dates, and the acceptance (and finality) of things that will never quite be the same again... even if a lot of it is very positive (and especially if it’s NOT.)

I just wanted to let you know we’re in this together, guys. Repeat after me: IT’S OK TO NOT KNOW WHAT’S COMING. WE WILL ALL BE OK. ❤️