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The art, calligraphy, inspirations, and ponderings of Riana Nelson.

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Riana Nelson

It's been five years since I lived in China. Guys, it's my #CHINAVERSARY!

I've had considerable distance (physically and emotionally) from the experience, but it somehow still seems so fresh in my heart. During that period of 2011, I blossomed into the foundation of the woman I really always wanted to BE, but never had the courage to DO while living in my "comfort zone." It took my brother dropping me off at the United Airlines curb on a gloomy June morning (with 100 lbs of my belongings which would be the only remnants of home for the next few months) for reality to hit me, and in those moments after he hugged me tightly, the entire weight of what I was about to experience gripped my bones. I felt like crumbling to that nasty concrete curb at LAX. I was devastated that I didn't know what was coming, and simultaneously ELATED and immediately panicked that: I HAD NO IDEA WHAT WAS COMING.

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