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Welcome to my BLOG!


The art, calligraphy, inspirations, and ponderings of Riana Nelson.

Riana Nelson Blog


Welcome to my BLOG!

Riana Nelson

I'm starting a blog.
Let's get right to it: WHYYYY this blog, right now, you ask???

Besides the obvious "WHYYYY NOT?!?! There's no time like the present! Twenty-sixteeeeeeeen! WOOOOOOO": I've always been passionate about sharing my voice, art, stories, thoughts, dreams, poems + inspirations with my family, my private hand-written journal, close friends, a sketchbook, with (ex-)boyfriends, or at wine-fortified girl's nights. However, until recently, the idea of penning a personal creative blog for anyone to read was just way too intense. Too scary. Too public. Too committal. Too pressure-y. Too overwhelming with FEAR.

"Oh my GOD, if I kept up a 'real' blog, what would I write about??!!??........................Right. It's probably for the best I haven't started one."
"Who would read it, anyway? There's already like a ZILLION blogs out there."
"I don't really have time!"
"What if it sucks?"
"Also-- I mean, it's the INTERNET, so once I say something it's PERMANENTLY THERE. Forever. Eeeeeeghhhhh."
"Who would even CARE? Maybe it's too self-indulgent."
"Once x is over and I clear this off my plate, I will spend some time brainstorming this."
"I need a better plan if I'm going to start this."
"Once I have a plan, I'll totally start."
"What if people don't like my art?! Or think my haiku are too angsty? Or my THOUGHTS... What if people don't like ME?!..."
"TOO HARD! I'm NEVER doing this!!!"
"I'll just super quick watch this 'kittens riding a roomba' video. THEN I'll start."
"I just don't feel like my writing or art is good enough to post right now."
"Maybe. Someday..."

Ever had thoughts like that about starting something new? Yep. Me too. Fear had sneakily found a home in my brain, thus, the blog was never born. Over the last few months, I realized two things:

  • I am doing my artistic spirit a disservice by limiting my creative writing to 140 characters per tweet on Twitter, my only current writing outlet. I also do some artsy posts over on Instagram, but I kinda want the freedom to write a bunch AND post a big ol' heap of photos at once, etc.
  • AAAAND, I have a variety of things saved up (including aforementioned angsty poems, bahahaha) I REALLY want to SAY + SHARE!!!

I realized one more thing: It's ALWAYS a risk to start something new and vulnerable! It doesn't matter if it's a first date, a new song you've never performed, an untapped skill, a long-awaited vacation to a new place, a first day at a new job, traveling to a foreign country, a new year of school, or sharing something from your tender, vulnerable heart to someone else-- you can pretty much guarantee Fear'll be hovering around ya, just waaaaiting for you to linger in self-doubt... then... POUNCE!!! Ugh.

Luckily, my brother Derik says we stay lost if we don't TAKE CHANCES. Taking risks + taking chances is the only way to push yourself forward against Fear, I'm convinced!!

So I'm finally ready to embrace it. Yep, I'm giving Fear a tight, loving, compassionate hug today, because it's more important to me to host a space to share the things I love (and the things I love to create) with YOU,than let Fear take over. By sharing honest pieces of myself, I hope I will help other people feel more creative + confident to do the same.

I invite you to join me on my journey. Let's care less about the haters, and care more about the people who believe what we believe and love us for who we are. I promise to publish my art, voice, thoughts, writing, photos, and inspirations from the heart. I may post something once every few weeks, or I may post once a day... let's see what happens!

Please comment below + tell me about a fear you're conquering or say hello. I'll have more updates soon about how this blog will take shape.

Hopefully my humble courage to go outside my comfort zone will inspire you to do the same. Then, we can both be scared and LEAP together! It's wayyyy more fun to leap together than to leap by yourself... so, I'm really glad you're here. :)